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Welcome to the newest version of gbetr

What’s new?
The application was updated to a more current technology, and offers several new features including Single Sign On, automatic deletion of unused charge codes, copy-forward of charge codes once the current pay period is open, and the ability to customize your charge code.

On January 1, 2014, a new policy and a change to gbetr went into effect, both of which will affect all international business travelers (IBTs).

The policy is designed to mitigate the risks of noncompliance with international tax and immigration laws both for employees as individuals and Bechtel as a company. All IBTs are required to enter their travel information in gbetr beginning January 1, 2014. A new feature has been added to gbetr to allow employees to enter their international travel days and location(s) by clicking on the IBT button.
It is critical that all employees and their managers fully understand and comply with tax and immigration requirements prior to any international business travel and record all international travel days in gbetr.You can also visit FAQs and other IBT information.

What remains?
The overall functionality is essentially the same. The system remains the corporate standard for collecting and processing your time record. Access to the application is available globally to Bechtel employees, contract hires and agency employees.

gbetr for iPhone/iPad is now available in the Bechtel App Store.
If you do not have the Bechtel App Store installed on your mobile device, follow this link to download it.

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gbetr is up and running.

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